Fashion Week Schedules


Unless you are well connected to fashion editors, buyers, or any industry involved individual who can help with getting locations for shows, below lists are the source that I start with.

If you are a starter, you have no choice but to go to any locations that are revealed in a day schedule and start networking with other photographers. It is okay to ask but know that there are photographers who do not welcome newbies in the scene. This is where you need to watch out for. Just shoot with photographers that you think you might get along and exchange information.

  • Instagram tags for brands/bloggers etc…

Here is where your smartphones come in to play. If you data mine well among tags, you may get clues for where the shows might be held.

It is an open market and how much information you have for the shows are your credibility. Always double triple check the locations as some invitations do not reveal locations a day before the shows.