Workflow of a Photographer in Fashion Week

Below are what is happening during my day in fashion weeks

  1. Get up and prepare for first show of the day
  2. Get to first show 15-30 min before and shoot
  3. 15-20 min break during runway starts
  4. Shoot exit for 15-20 min and go to next show
  5. I repeat steps 2-4 until sun goes down
  6. Come back home and start transferring photos to your external hard drive
  7. Do edits on best photos of the day
  8. Upload to client's ftp or dropbox
  9. Double check locations for next say shows

Above steps are what my typical day would look like every day for entire fashion week.

Information is very crucial so make sure to plan out your routes especially what transit to take and how long it may take to get to shows.